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San Pedro Columbia, made up of about 700 residents, is the largest Kekchi Maya village in Belize. Over the years, a number of Mopan Mayas have intermarried and now live there. The village is well known for its hand woven embroidery.

San Pedro Columbia Village
San Pedro Columbia Village Scenic

Th original settlers of this village were Maya Indians who fled from San Luis, Peten Guatemala. After travelling through Pueblo Viejo and San Antonio, they continued to move eastward in search of good land. These people carried statues of Santo Domingo, San Pedro and Santa Concepcion. They first settled at Cacao Creek but were soon forced to leave due to water contamination and disease. While living in another location near Gallina Creek, one of the hunters came across a large, clear flowing river perfect for washing and fishing - The Columbia River. They quickly established a village on the banks of the river and the village now know as San Pedro Columbia was born.

Doing wash in the Columbia River
Women Washing in the Columbia River

The Columbia branch of the Rio Grande runs just north of the village. San Pedro Columbia is laid out on a series of rolling hills with smooth meandering gravel roads. The village has electricity, a community phone, seven different churches, a police station, a handful of shops, a school, and a club. Flowering plants, including bright purple morning glorys and ruby red pointsettas, color the surrounding thatch homes.

Bathing in the Columbia River
Bathing in the Columbia River

San Pedro Columbia offers hiking to Lubaantun, canoeing in the river, and a visit to old cacao groves.

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