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The Temash and Sarstoon Delta Wildlife Sanctuary was declared a protected area by the government in 1992. Temash River mouthThe 41,000 acres of land is situated between the Temash and Sarstoon Rivers in the southernmost region of Belize. Being one of the most remote reserves in Belize, it provides habitat for a variety of wildlife - including warries, tapirs, ocelots, and jaguars. Rarely seen birds and animals such as the scarlet macaw, and the white-faced capuchin monkey have been spotted here.

The beauty of the Temash river lies in the old red mangrove trees that tower alongside both river banks, sometimes reaching more than 100 feet. Orchids and bromeliads thrive on the thick roots of these mangroves. The presence of ospreys and other seabirds indicate the quality of fishing. Large snook and tarpon cruise the river.

The Sarstoon River, forming the southern border with Guatemala, nourishes the only comfrey palm forests in Belize. Between the Sarstoon and Temash Rivers lie an expanse of sand bars, too shallow even for the use of an outboard motor. Huge schools of minnows and shrimp support a thriving population of sea birds. The coastline is quickly eroding away here as tall, thin white mangroves topple into the sea. Manatee are common along many of the river mouths, feeding on the rich grassbeds and calving in the quiet bays and oxbows of the rivers.

The Temash/Sarstoon Nature Reserve is about 13 miles south of Punta Gorda by boat. A tour guide can easily be hired out of Punta Gorda.

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