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The Maya Village Homestay Network encourages foreigners to visit traditional Maya villages by staying in the homes of the Maya Indians. Guests can observe and actively participate in daily village life. Homestays currently exist in three villages-Aguacate, San Jose and Na Luum Ca.


Tourists are connected with a Maya family that will provide meals, a hammock, and involvement in daily lifestyle activities such as tortilla preparation, farming, and land tilling. The program provides a hands-on experience of Maya life as it has been lived for centuries in Belize. No special facilities are offered, nor is there much privacy. The homes are simply built of wood planks, with roofs of thatched palm leaves and floors of beaten earth or cement. Each home has an outhouse and all bathe in nearby rivers or use a bucket and cup to pour water over you.

The host family and the entire community benefits from the income which is used for service projects such as potable water systems and health clinics.

For more information contact:

The Tourist Information Center
P.O. Box 73
Punta Gorda, Belize
Tel: 501-722-2470

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