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History and Culture

Southern Belize is small yet so environmentally diverse. Those who seek outdoor adventures will find them everywhere. Exploration revolves around the rainforest and the sea. Memorable experiences are found in a variety of habitats- from the high forested mountains, the lower coastal plains, savannahs and swamps, coastal lagoons and rivers, on out to the Great Barrier Reef with its coral sand islands.

Monkey River Sunrise

Much of Southern Belize is protected either through National park status, Government forest reserves or lack of access roads. Hiking trails connect the Maya villages scattered throughout the region, as well as the many different natural attractions. Jungle lined rivers, perfect for kayaking, drain the pristine forests of the southern flank of the Maya Mountains. Fishing is excellent where these rivers empty into the Caribbean Sea. Coral sand islands and reef offer excellent swimming, snorkeling and SCUBA diving opportunities.


Whether exploring by foot or kayak, it is always best to hire a guide for safety and information. Native guides are intimate with the land and can point out medicinal plants and camouflaged wildlife hiding in the forest. Southern Belize is for the adventurous spirit, interested in hiking and camping, cultural tours, fishing, river tours, kayaking, SCUBA diving and snorkeling in a rugged, remote and mostly wild environment.

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A labyrinth of unmarked trails crisscross Southern Belize offering splendid hiking through various habitats including broadleaf forest, pine savannahs, and mangrove lagoons.
Cultural Activities

Spend a day with a Maya family to learn more about their culture. The Mayas entertain tourists with storytelling, music and dance, craft lessons, village tours and traditional foods.

The waters off the coast of Toledo are the richest of Belize. Some of the best salt and fresh water fishing is found along the river mouths, coastal lagoons and offshore islands of Southern Belize.
River Tours

Seven major rivers drain the Maya Mountains of Southern Belize eventually spilling into the Gulf of Honduras. These rivers meander under the shade of tall forest areas alive with tropical wildlife and colorful plants.

Both river kayaking and sea kayaking are available in Southern Belize.
Snorkel SCUBA diving

Toledo offers fine snorkeling and diving for all skill levels.

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